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Virtual Reality Saskatoon

Virtual Reality Saskatoon is Totally Available

Things can get pretty ordinary and boring in Saskatoon at certain times of year. Fortunately, the town has an all new choice and adventure. With HMT Entertainment you can enjoy virtual reality experiences of all types, from simple environmental immersion to outright action-packed games and interaction with other players in the same game. The difference between HMT Entertainment and other venues offering game-playing is that you are moving, involved, engaged, and immersed. Full equipment for the experience is provided. And there are no worries; beginners are taught how to get used to the virtual environment without any shocking or disrupting experiences. So, if you’re trying to figure out what to do on another Canada weekend in Saskatoon, just bring yourself and friends over to HMT Entertainment. Not only are you going to really try something new, you’ll have a ton of experience to talk over with friends at our beverage bar after the fact.

Forget Arcade Games, Try Virtual Reality Games
HTM Entertainment has a great assortment of virtual reality games to choose from if you decide to spend the session with us. You can choose from a doomsday survival, a gatling gun shoot’em up, motorcycle racing, being a superhero, car racing, music stage experiences, snow skiing, and flight simulation. Between all of these and more you’re going to end up trying every one of them to see what’s different and how it works in virtual reality. These games are all immersive with the associated equipment and high-quality game playing. Not only are you going to realize HMT Entertainment is really a great gaming destination for your weekend or a night out with friends, it’s also a neat way to get some exercise, believe or not. You’re moving around, you’re mobile, and you’re interacting with your environment. No, It’s not lifting weights, but HMT Entertainment is a fun way to get out of your chair.

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